Result ordering

General Options -> Ordering

On this options page you can change the individual and mixed result ordering.

Primary and secondary main ordering

General Options -> Ordering -> Result Ordering

This option will change the ordering of items in the same result type group. Default is "Date descending".

Result types are:

  1. Posts, pages and any custom post type
  2. Categories and taxonomy terms
  3. Buddypress Activities
  4. Buddypress Users
  5. Buddypress Groups

Also note, that this is only a secondary ordering, as Relevance is the primary. You can disable relevance ordering on the Relevance Options panel.

Post type ordering

By default all post type results (posts, page, products etc..) are ordered as one group, regardless of the post type itself.

If you want to prioritize certain post type over others - for example display product results first, then posts, pages etc.. - then make sure to enable post type group ordering:

Mixed content ordering

General Options -> Ordering -> Mixed results order

If more than one result type group is active then you can order these groups here.

For example you have a search configured for Posts and BuddyPress activities. You want the BuddyPress Activities displayed first. In this case you will need to drag the "bp_activities" item above the "post_page_cpt" item:

The items in the list explained
  • terms - categories and terms
  • post_page_cpt - posts, pages and every custom post type
  • blogs - blog results (blogs as result)
  • comments - comment results
  • bp_activities - BuddyPress activities
  • bp_groups - BuddyPress groups
  • bp_users - BuddyPress users

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